Meet Your Farmer

39We are the Brownings, a farming family of four. In 2011 we set out to raise our own food. Inspired by a simpler life and better health, we bought a few chickens and a milk cow. And the rest is history….

Today we are dedicated to raising food to nourish YOU.

We believe in delicious, real food. Food you can feel good about eating.

You have the right to know where your food comes from. What it was fed. How it was raised.

You deserve to know the truth about your food. That’s why we have a transparent farm- the gates are never closed,nor the doors ever locked.

We take pride in our farm and how we raise our food, therefore you are ALWAYS welcome here.

At Red Fox Farm, you’ll find:

  • Family comes first. Both ours and yours. We believe that family is what matters most in this world. We farm together to bring your family excellent food to sustain your health. Because without a healthy family, a whole host of issues can occur.
  • The land- the soil- the Earth- is what ensures healthy animals and nutritious food. So we manage it very carefully. We believe in mimicking nature when farming- therefore we intensively and rotationally graze all our animals out on pasture when we can. This acts just like the wild herds! And in return, we get healthy pastures and healthy animals- which ensures a healthy YOU!
  • The animals have better living conditions than we do! We LOVE our animals and take the utmost care of them. They are fed local, organically managed feed, access to minerals for excellent health, have adequate shelter, and access to fresh water 24/7. They are never given any hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.