Family Milk Cows

Interested in raising your own food?

A family cow is ESSENTIAL to any homestead. She is known as the “mortgage lifter”. With her milk, manure, and offspring, she can reduce your family’s outgoing cash flow. She provides nutrients for your body, for the soil, and for her offspring. She’ll give you fresh milk everyday, fertilizers for your fields and gardens, and she’ll fill your freezer with a steer or give you a replacement heifer each year.

BUT wait…….you know NOTHING about owning a cow! They’re HUGE, they’re intimidating, and the learning curve is STEEP.

We know. We’ve been where you are and we dove head first so you don’t have to.

That’s why we’re here. We want to provide you with high quality family milk cows and help you along the way!

We’ve been where you are. We bought a “open” (unbred) milk cow and went on an adventure figuring it all out. We had help along the way and we’re here to help you now.

You don’t need to be versed in animal husbandry or own 100 head of cattle to own a milk cow. You just need to be patient, willing to learn, and someone to answer your questions when all else has failed!

That’s where we come in.

Each year we have a few heifers that we sell as family milk cows. 

Our heifers are raised the right way, to ensure they live a long, productive life. They are raised on their mothers for 7-9 months before being weaned. Allowing them access to their mother’s milk for that vital period, makes them superior grass grazers. Their mothers milk actually prepares their rumen for optimal nutrient uptake from grass. What that means is that it makes them the best choice for a grass-fed cow. Cows are ruminants, meaning they are meant to eat grass, and grass only.

Not sure how you’ll raise a milk cow on grass only? We’ll help you along the way. We’ve been raising cows on strictly grass and we’ve learned alot along the way. We’re ready to pass that knowledge along!


Our heifers are never fed grain, and begin training as a milk cow at just a week old. That means they are halter trained and gentled down to people. When you purchase one of our heifers, you can rest assured knowing she’ll be ready for just anything. They come acquainted with all aspects of farm life- chickens, pigs, kids, dogs, and tractors. They’ve seen it all!


Our mother cows calve in the Spring and we wean their heifers in early winter, when they are ready to travel to their new homes.

Each heifer is tested for beta-casein (either A1, A2, or A1/A2).

We spend time with our animals- many hours each day! So we know each individual cow well. We know their mothers well and can usually predict how they will produce, behave, and grow.

Along with each purchase of one of our cows, we provide support along the way. Even if it’s been a year since we’ve spoken, we’ll gladly answer your questions to the best of our ability! Or we’ll help you find the resources you need for your specific concern.

We’ve been there before and know how important it is to have someone with some experience behind you!

Check our website frequently for available heifers.

Contact for more information on available heifers.