Twyla is a 5 year old A1/A2 Jersey (1/8th Guernsey) sired by Beldene Dukes Landy. Bred to a Devon bull for a July 2018 calf. Twyla is the dam of Ivy (below). At freshening she gives 4 gallons and tapers off to an average of 2.5-3 gallons/day on OAD milking on a strict grass/alfalfa diet. Nice teat line, an OK udder attachment (somewhat pendulous). Great teats for hand milking but also used to machine milking. She uses a Kow Kan’t Kick when milked. But just because she dances. I would prefer Twyla and Ivy to go together as they are a dynamic family unit and really depend on each other! But alas, they may go separate. Available mid January 2018. Price is  $2000. A $200 deposit will hold her for you.

Ivy is a 3 year old A2/A2 Jersey ( she has about a 1/16th Guernsey) from Twyla (above) bred to a Devon bull due 7/2/18. Can/will be a nurse cow. First lactation she gave 2 gallons at freshening and nursed 3 bums. Easily milks by hand or machine. Great teat line and good udder attachment. Milks out fast. Extremely docile and used to all farm animals and children. Will be great as a starter cow for a family new to cows. $2500, available immediately.