Here at Red Fox Farm, we believe that what comes from the Earth, is what’s best for us.

Whether we are growing grass to provide the best nourishment for our animals (and therefore our bodies!) or treating what ails us, we believe Mother Nature knows best!

With that in mind, we have been treating our minor ailments at home, with ingredients that nature provides and handcrafted by us.. We forage and we create. And we repeat.

We are pleased to offer our hand and wild crafted products to YOU! Treat yourself at home, naturally, while being rest assured that Mother Earth is treating you.

Commercial products are made synthetically with chemicals and ingredients created in a lab. We source out the best ingredients from sources that are closet to nature: foraged plant and animal materials and CPTG essential oils.

All created in our home, by hand, at Red Fox Farm.

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Here’s what people are saying about our creams and balms:

Our 5 year old had a viral infection that caused pustules to form and rupture on his little face! So grateful for Nature’s Apothecary First Aid Cream because with three applications a day (upon rising, mid day, and before bed) for about 10 days, the resulting wounds healed without scarring!


I wanted to let you know your first aid cream has really helped my blistering eczema!