At Red Fox Farm, we raise all our food out on pasture. Never confined inside a building!

Why is pastured meat better than anything else you can get?

First off, animals raised out in the open, with access to fresh air and water, is just right. Don’t you think? I mean would you want to be cooped up inside all day? That certianly wouldn’t make a happy, healthy you.

Animals raised out on pasture are:

  • happy!
  • healthy! They get to walk around and breathe fresh air. This is a recipe for a healthy animal!
  • eating grass creates meat with the perfect ratios of important, essential fatty acids. With access to minerals in the soil and our free choice systems, our animals are perfectly healthy. They choose what they need, when they need it! This makes for a superior product than what you can’t find in a store.
  • Animals grazing out on pasture is as nature intended it. Its beneficial to the animal but its equally beneficial to the Earth. The animals eat the grass, water the grass, and fertilize the grass! Magic!

We mimic nature with our animals in order to heal our land. It’s a beautiful relationship. Using sustainable, tested agrarian models of husbandry, our animals are:

  • rotationally grazed onto fresh grass in the summer months using portable elcetric fencing
  • given the best environment in which their individual-ness will thrive


All are animals are raised outside, with fresh water and minerals, and shelter should they need it.

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