Have you ever seen the color difference in a factory farmed egg compared to a farm fresh egg?

The color difference is astounding, as is the nutrient content! Farm eggs, produced on pasture, are superior in color and nutrients.


Our hens are raised by our oldest daughter, Violet, with the help of her sister Savannah. Violet tends to all aspects of raising hens for eggs. She feeds, waters, collects eggs, and cares deeply for her hens! All by herself!


Violet’s hens are rotated onto fresh pasture in the summer months and fed a local, organically managed grain supplement as well. They are protected from predators by portable electric poultry netting.

Eggs are $5/dozen. Deliveries made to Livingston or you may pick up at the farm.

Please contact us to place an order at browningsmt@gmail.com or call (406)570-9306.