“Bacon tastes good, pork chops taste good”.

Need we say more? Of course we should….

Today’s pork (and all the pork we ate growing up, for that matter) at the grocery store is just well, terrible. Sure, the bacon is tasty….but everything else? Forget about it….

But this pork? It’s gooooooooood.


Here’s the skinny, ‘er the meat, on our pastured pork and how it’s raised:

The piglets come to the farm in the Spring from other local farmers, after they have been weaned from their mothers. After that, they spend the next 7-8 months outside being, well, just pigs. They are kept under control (somewhat) by portable electric fencing and moved onto new areas every few weeks.

We use the pigs to clear underbrush, till areas that need it, and make bacon. All the while they are foraging, playing (they are hysterical to watch!), enjoying wallows and creeks, and eating local, organically managed peas and barley and fresh milk from our cows.


And well, that’s it.

Oh except…..the lard from these pigs. The lard! Oh what joy to have this wonderful fat available. It’s the good fat. The fat that was raised out on pasture, full of CLA, omega’s, and all the fat soluble vitamins your body needs! Especially during the winter….

When it’s harvest time, we take them to a local butcher and they do the rest.

Here’s how the pork thing works:

  • Sold by the half or the whole hog, we take the hog to the butcher and they package it up to your specifications. Bacon, sausage, ham, chops, roasts, ham hocks, lard…..
  • We sell you the hog based on the hanging weight (skinned, innards and head removed) @ $3.75/lb
  • You pay the butcher for processing: a kill fee, and per pound processing fees, plus any extra for curing or spices (bacon and ham)
  • Half hog will typically hang at 75-85lbs, which yields you 64-73lbs of pork in your freezer!

So what does this look like for your checkbook? Half hog costs roughly $450 total- that’s what is paid to the farmer and what is paid to the processor.

But what really makes how economical buying in bulk is, is the per lb cost. You are looking at between $5.25-$6/lb for good, wholesome pork! You can’t beat that pricing in the store. You’d pay $10/lb for organic bacon!

Interested in purchasing our 2017 pork? Contact us at browningsmt@gmail.com now or call (406)570-9306!

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