At Red Fox Farm, each year we raise a few pastured veal calves.

Not sure how you feel about eating veal? Or why you would even eat it outside of a restaurant setting?

Our veal is superior in quality to anything you’ll find around. And it’s raised in the proper manner.

Raised on our milk cows, calves run freely out in the pasture, and have full access to their mothers milk. Like all our animals, mothers and calves have an excellent life- one they should have. They are never confined! Rotated onto fresh pasture each day in the summer months and fed quality hay in the Fall and Winter months.


Our veal is harvested at 8-9 months of age- the natural weaning age for a calf. This is considered Rose Veal. Because of it’s rosy color once harvested. Unlike the white, pasty color of milk-fed, confinement veal, our rose veal is deliciously tender and mild in flavor.

With our veal, you know how it was raised and where it came from. It’s veal you can feel good about eating. And it’s goooooood.



The details on how pastured veal works:

  • calves are sold by the half or whole carcass- half veal usually yields 80-90lbs of cut/boxed/wrapped meat. A whole veal will yield about 160-180lbsod cut/wrapped/boxed meat.
  • You give the butcher shop your cutting instructions- (how you want your veal to come boxed). Steaks, cutlets, osso busco, roasts, brisket, etc.
  • Price is $9/lb boxed and wrapped
  • All bones (for excellent stock) and organs (for sweet breads) are free of charge when you order.
  • $100 deposit will hold your half veal or $200 deposit for a whole veal

Questions, concerns, or to reserve your veal today, email or contact us by phone at (406) 570-9306